6 Phases That Should Be In The Project Test Part

In this article you will read about the different phases you should go through while testing a project.

Zeynep Yılmaz

Project Assistant Intern

If you want to increase the efficiency and reliability of your project, do not forget to take advantage of these steps.

The testing phase is necessary to control the quality of the project, ensure predictability, verify functionality, ensure security and compliance, manage change, and improve the end-user experience. These factors affect the success of the project and customer satisfaction. With the following steps, we must complete the testing phase of the project while keeping these principles in mind, and deliver the project with maximum customer satisfaction and reliability.

1- Test Planning: Before starting the testing part, it is necessary to prepare a test plan. This plan determines how the testing process will be conducted, which tests will be performed, how long the tests will take, how test results will be reported, and the resources that will be used during the testing.

2- Test Scenario Preparation: Test scenarios are a set of instructions prepared in advance for each test case. These scenarios cover tests performed for specific functions of the project. Each scenario tests a specific test case or functionality.

3- Test Execution: The execution of test scenarios is one of the most important steps of the testing part. Test scenarios must be designed by the testing team and executed according to the project requirements.

4- Defect Tracking and Reporting: Defects identified during the testing part must be recorded, reported, and monitored. Depending on the type of defect, it can be directed to different teams of the project and corrected.

5- Test Results Analysis: Test results analysis is performed to see whether the project has reached the targeted quality level. The analysis results are used to determine necessary changes and improve the end-user experience.

6- Test Results Reporting: The results and analysis obtained during the testing part are reported in the form of a test report. The test report provides project managers and other stakeholders with information about the project's progress.

The testing part of a project also requires teamwork. While following these steps, make sure to work collaboratively with the customer and keep in touch with their testing team. Remember, "Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." -Henry Ford.

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