ClickUp a key SaaS for Agile Philosophy Success!

This article describes what is the main goal of ClickUp and how it helps the organizations to carry out in a better way the Agile methodology by describing Pros and Cons and how it helps the organizations for a good implementation.

Mouad Hasseb

Product Owner

ClickUp a key SaaS for Agile Philosophy Success!

Last 30 years it has been proven that companies must have between eye and eye the customer satisfaction by fulfilling their needs and expectations and companies have been developing many strategies to reach this goal and indeed they did it. However, as the time passed by, the business strategies were improving but something was left behind: bureaucracies which involves also project management methods, task management, time management, and so on. Therefore, big companies and organizations have been facing big struggles and bottlenecks to launch their projects, to solve a problem or an unforeseen. However, recently in the last few lustrums, organizations such as Microsoft and many of the successful companies that we use daily that used to be a Start-Up are using what is called Agile Philosophy, a methodology that gathers all the issues mentioned previously.
Agile is the new generation approach for managing a project and also can be applied to all kinds of management. The goal is helping the organizations or companies to deliver value more frequently to their customers (internal or external ones), be more flexible facing changes and this leads to grow the business.
One of the main pillars or principles for agile philosophy is to get rid of slow and heavy project management methods. Furthermore, Agile philosophy is not only a methodology, is also a mindset and set of values. If an organization is planning to implement it, the participants must be familiar with the terminology, the concept, what does it mean working agile because once is this well established and well applied, the outcome of it is worthy enough to spend time: first with employee formation and implementation.

What is the role of ClickUp here?
For applying Agile philosophy we could directly open an Excell sheet or many of them as much as the project needs and start writing the tasks and put a responsible worker for each project, step, task or subtask however the larger the project is or the number of tasks that there are the more complicated is to handle it where there are many platforms and Softwares as a Service that makes this job easier, more enjoyable, more effective and more efficient. ClickUp is one of the best SaaS’ that there are in the market and its goal is give a better experience for the project team in terms of organization, time management, control and effectiveness.

Pros and Cons of ClickUp
The first thing that we can recognize to ClickUp is the effort made by the designing team which created a style that crushes all the borders with the boring and not motivational tools. The design is created to give a clear picture of the project and we can adapt it up to our expectations or needs.

Captura de pantalla (23).png

For example, if what we need is to see a list of all tasks but separated into the default steps as Open, In Progress, etc or any customized one we only need to click “List” and we will have a layout as this:

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-08 at 10.56.58 AM.jpeg

As in the screenshot shared, we can see a list as big as the project team decides, if what the team is interested in is in a Gant Model, we only need to click on it and start working with it. Click Up has a lot of options and tools inside of it but also a truth that must be told is that for the most efficient and effective usage of this platform, is required to spend many hours learning how it works, all the shortcuts that has and so on. There is a total of 11 ways of viewing the Tasks, depending on our comfortability and needs and also 5 Page Views available.
A really positive side of ClickUp is that different and non-similar projects can be carried out at the same time without overlapping each other by creating different workspaces and inside of these different spaces and each of them can be limited about who can access to them and participate on the project. Here is an example of what has been described:

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-08 at 10.44.36 AM.jpeg

One con that must be highlighted is not all the features ClickUp is offering are free to use, some of them are subject to subscription, hence, not available for the ones that are not willing to pay, however, the free features are good enough to make the project management and Agile philosophy implementation a good experience.

On What ClickUp is helping the companies?

The companies are using ClickUp as the headquarters of the company’s operations due to its easiness to share the progress of the tasks and projects with the rest of employees as sharing documents or memos. As described earlier in this article, Agile methodology is used by hundreds of organizations starting by assigning tasks, setting agile due dates that allows them to create value rapidly and following each of those tasks in order to know the current situation of a certain project.
Thanks to this, organizations have been able to complete successfully many projects that creates a great value for the customer using Agile philosophy thanks to ClickUp, and are looking for taking more new projects creating value with this philosophy which leads to the growth of business for both, the company and the customer.

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