Daily Responsibilities of the Product Owner

Here we can read about some of the most important responsibilities of the Product Owner and his daily duties.

Mouad Hasseb

Product Owner

As we already explained in a previous article about Agile Philosophy and Product Manager vs Product Owner, these two articles are related and we wonder how they can be so, the answer is technology development as software, manufacturing and so on. I don’t think I need to explain in deep what is a Product Owner but making it short and simple, the Product Owner is the primary ambassador of the product who communicates between the customer and the Developers, and he/she has to anticipate what are the needs that customers are trying to fill.
Once described briefly who is the Product Owner, here are some of the responsibilities that this position should carry in order to keep updated the whole team:

• Managing and Describing the Product Backlog

• Product Roadmap Creation

• Communication with the Customers, Partners and Developers

• Updating the Backlog Regularly for the team meetings

• Completing the Customer’s needs and satisfying them

These are one of the most important responsibilities that the Product Owner should take care of. Needless to say, there are some routine or daily actions that must be fulfilled and these are the following ones:

• Daily Stand-Up Meetings

Developers and Product Owners should meet everyday ( can be before starting to work or after) to update each other so the Product Owner knows if a certain product or project is on track.

Questions that should be answered are:

  1. What did I accomplish yesterday?
  2. Did I have any obstacles preventing me to achieve my goals?
  3. What will I complete today?

This is a good way to track and follow how the Sprint is it going and if it will finish as expected or not.

• Identifying what is the Urgent and Important work to do

This is related to keep a good communication flow between the Customer, the Product Owner and the Developers. Since the Product Owner is the responsible for the product delivery, the PO has to unblock and dev’s path by making clear the specifications, priorities and so on, and also a really important matter is Updating, as soon as there is an update from the Customer’s side, immediately should be reported to Dev’s team to correct or change the approach.

• Working on the Product Strategy

Of course, the Product that is being developed or it is already developed needs a strategy to follow in order to achieve its success and requires a certain amount of work to be done. The PO must define properly the short- and long-term strategy and as mentioned previously, has to take care of the Backlog which also is a part of the Short- and Long-Term strategy.

• Constant Communication with the Stakeholders

As stated before, the PO is the central point of communication between the Customer’s needs and production so with this important reason the PO has to constantly contact partners and customers so the full project can be developed in the correct way.
So one of the daily important things to do by the PO is checking daily the customers jsu in case there is any update or to consider their opinions about the product.

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