Case Study

Eatvo: A Quick Market Application in Hungary

Eatvo is an application where people can order food and grocery products comfort and instantly.

What is Eatvo?
Eatvo is the mobile, courier and web applications started in Budapest that provides an on-demand fast grocery delivery service via its smartphone app and website. The application is a new job paradigm that includes a shopping system that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers frequently order items that they require on a daily basis, such as beverages, basic cooking ingredients, and diapers. The Eatvo platform consists of marketplace or ordering merchant portal a companion mobile application, market place management and delivery management admin and the courier application.

Which services we provided
Courier App, Market App, E-commerce and Corporate Websites = All design and coding process

Which tech we used
Flutter, Laravel, Vue, HTML, CSS, Java Script

The most significant advancement was identifying the primary issues in the technical section and repairing, improving them using our knowledge and experience. On the technical side, our first goal was to optimize the application framework and prepare the project structure for the new API. The most difficult aspect, on the other hand, was updating the Flutter framework from the first to the second version.

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