The upcoming Power of the Web 3.0 to make businesses grow

In this article is described from where Web 3.0 is coming from and where will take us once is well established.

Mouad Hasseb

Product Owner


In the last decade the technology of information has become a trend for companies to make the business grow thanks to understanding the needs of customers, adopting a push market behaviour and the transfer of information also is right now a key for many organizations, a great example of this could be the transfer of information between internal clients of a company such as providers, the whole supply chain department and marketers just to put some examples. When we make this statement about the IT sector, we should know that the most representative element of this sector is the Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT) and here is when we can talk about the Web 2.0 and the upcoming Web 3.0.
Still, we didn’t finish about Web2.0 which is still in developing phase ad the technological world is talking about Web 3.0 to describe a net that allows machines to analyse and process all the content in a kind of human way where all the data is well connected in terms of context and concept.

Where Web 3.0 does it come from?

First should be explained that 20 years ago when the Internet whole thing started, was nothing compared to what it is nowadays. While people were using more and more the internet, the organizations and companies understood the unleashed potential ready to change the future generations and that is what happened. We can’t barely think of a business that makes no use of internet nowadays and we need to thank Web 2.0 for it which allows us to share information, entertain, shopping and find answers to their questions between all the people in the world thanks to Web 2.0.
However, the Web 3.0 will change the way we create the websites as the way how people will interact between each other and with the website itself also. The main goal of the Web 3.0 is to provide faster and easier more relevant data to end users, and this could be a final customer, a service user, a company and so on.
Since we have a vast amount of data available, a technology must be designed in order to process all that data and of course a technology capable of taking care of its storage and it seems that the science behind of this is the Big Data.
The Web 3.0 will let companies sell more products/services because thanks to that data management, companies will understand more the clients needs, and by clients I don’t only mean the last client, I also include inner clients. This technology will let clients to see more efficient and effective advertisements without feeling disturbed by aggressive and constant advertisements.

Why should companies pay attention to it?

Since this technology is based on Blockchain, all the companies who makes use of this will be transparent and focused on the customer and also will be beneficial in terms of security. Needless to remember that the Blockchain technology is a decentralized one and this will make companies way stronger facing hackers.
Companies who are developing artificial intelligence as Apple, Google or IBM used this technology and still they are investing because the outcome the got was better results which they carry out with more actions.
A software company or a technology developer company should also should keep an eye on it because this will be the new era for Internet and many software developers should be ready to take all the demand that this change will create.

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