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Fabrikod is a Software Factory!
Fabrikod established in 2011 with the aim of becoming a software factory that produces rapid solutions on market needs. Fabrikod gives premium software services also produces self projects like web software with the brand "Sözlük Sistemi" With "Yes Ticaret" it's going to service premium services for e-commerce solutions.

Give us an idea, we'll forge it in our factory and make it ready for you.

We are a diverse team
of strategists, designers
and engineers


To make brands that can’t be ignored.

We put insight and imagination at the
center of everything we do.

Life is too short to be unhappy

so we wont tolerate negativity.

We believe that happy employees do better work and make for a more fulfilling, collaborative environment. We should enjoy what we do, where we do it, and who we do it with. No one owns your future but you.

Fabrikod Bilişim Vadisi

Bilişim Vadisi, Gebze

Teknopark İstanbul, Pendik

İstanbul, Üsküdar

Fabrikod is a Software Factory

Abdullah Önden, PhD
Uğur Turgut
Creative Director
Kadir Bay
Backend Developer
Hüseyin Açıkbaş
Backend Developer
Musa Avcı
Software Consultant
İsmail Önden, PhD
Consultant Researcher
Müjdat Çiçek
Software Consultant
Mustafa Buğra Avcı
Electronics Design Engineer
Farkhod Kholbutayev
Software Partner
Murat Daş
Electronics Design Engineer
Muhammed Erdem
Frontend & Mobile Consultant
Tahir Abuzetoğlu
Mobile App Consultant
Furkan Yıldırım
Software Engineer
Rahim Gökçeli
Software Engineer
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Our work is broadly categorized into
three types of projects


We begin by experimenting with innovative
uses of technology to defend against
emerging threats.


We build products that help people
around the world stay
safer online.


We create programs to apply our
research, technology, and training
to critical issues

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