Great brands we've worked with and some projects we've developed

2010 – 2024
Some of Our Projects

The largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe

Successfully created landing pages for one of the global leaders in digitalization sector. Creation of UX/UI design page, programming and deploying with satisfaction and fulfilling the customer’s requirements. Read the case study we have around this project; we show there the project and give some details about it.

Huge acquisition from Siemens, a leader in electronic industry

A global electronics manufacturing & digitalization company which trust us on their email campaigns, landers and more using WordPress. One of our strengths and reasons of this success is our flexibility and well-coordinated teams that we achieved, had as an outcome trust and satisfaction.

A tech-logistic company based in US

The company needed a data migration from WordPress to WebFlow and our proficient computing engineers performed highly in order to achieve Ship7’s goal, and due to this success project, they trust for their future further projects which we are more than happy to welcome.

Our own mobile application development

We developed Sleepy Baby with the purpose of helping parents to put their babies to sleep. With our great design, our sounds and other features we included, we are 100% sure many parents can fulfill that task successfully.

Largest humanitarian support institution in Turkey

IDDEF is an humanitarian support institution located in Istanbul, founded with the aim of spreading education around the world. We used agile methodologies and the most reliable technologies in building an amazing app we are proud to be part of as also their website.

A platform for LOL gamers

We are also following the gaming sector which moves millions of people every day and to contribute also, we developed a software for League of Legends players (top multiplayer online battle arena game in gaming history) who wants to increase their motivation, rank, win-strike or experience they can do it in a safe, reliable and fast way through the website.

Case Studies

Case Study
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Case Study
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Case Study
Supplyframe Digital Transformation: A Fabrikod Case Study

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Case Study
Parenting App with Flutter

A Deep Dive into Kindertrack and Kinderway Apps


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