Case Study

Prayer Times: A lightweight accurate solution for tracking prayers

We made a prayer tracking mobile app with Flutter for muslims all around the world who needs a lightweight solution

What we’ve done with Prayer Times - Lite?
Prayer times are the sound of call to prayer for all around the muslims and it is a need to follow up and don’t miss the prayers. What we accomplished with this project is to understand the exact problem and fix it, which is providing accurate salah times with a lean perspective. With this aim we investigated the most popular prayer times apps all around the world and designed a lite, simple yet smart app. Then with Flutter we built a powerfull app which works both on IOS and Android and will work on Windows, MacOS and Linux too.

The most significant advancement was identifying the primary issues in the technical section and repairing, improving them using our knowledge and experience. On the technical side, our first goal was to give the most accurate praying times, which we decided to use a geo-sun praying time calculating algorithm which basically gets the users’ coordinate then calculate the exact prayer time. With the help of this method we don’t have to use an API or internet connection so that gave us the freedom and the power. The other challenge was the widgets, which some mobile operating systems didn’t allow us to use some technical needs. We solved these with using native Java, Kotlin and Swift.

Which services we provided
IOS App, Android App, All design and coding process

Which tech we used
Flutter, Java, Kotlin, Figma

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