Case Study

Supplyframe Digital Transformation: A Fabrikod Case Study

Explore how Fabrikod revolutionized Supplyframe's digital strategy with a stunning website redesign, a custom AI chatbot, and a virtual trade fair booth, setting new industry standards for online engagement and innovation.

Rahmi Osman

Project Manager

A distinguished name in the digital supply chain industry, Supplyframe sought to elevate their digital representation to the next level. They partnered with Fabrikod, a pioneer in design and development solutions, to undertake a comprehensive digital initiative. This encompassed an innovative website redesign, the development of an intelligent custom chatbot, and the creation of a vibrant virtual replica of their booth at the renowned Electronica trade fair.

Project Execution

Revamping the Website

Understanding and Conceptualization

The journey to reinvent Supplyframe's digital facade commenced with an in-depth exploration of their unique business ecosystem. Initial discovery meetings served not just to understand Supplyframe's business model but to align our vision with their strategic objectives. This foundational phase unearthed a critical insight: the essence of Supplyframe's innovative spirit was not fully mirrored in their existing digital representation, signaling a clear mandate for a homepage overhaul.


Our design team, armed with insights and inspiration, embarked on crafting a novel homepage concept. This was not merely about aesthetic enhancement but a redefinition of how Supplyframe's story is communicated digitally. The aim was to create a portal that not only captivates but also succinctly explains Supplyframe's complex business model to its varied audience segments.

Collaboration and Iteration

Embracing the ethos of collaboration, our interactions with Supplyframe's in-house design team were pivotal. These sessions were a melting pot of ideas, combining Fabrikod's innovative design approach with Supplyframe's deep industry knowledge. Through this synergy, we meticulously incorporated their feedback, ensuring the homepage design was not just a visual treat but a strategic asset.


This iterative process, marked by numerous design sprints and discussions, culminated in a design that resonated with all stakeholders. The moment of unanimous approval from top management was a testament to the power of collaborative refinement, setting the stage for the next phase of transformation.

Design Execution and Enhancement

With a green light from the top echelons, our design concept transitioned into the capable hands of our front-end engineering team. This phase was about bringing the vision to life, translating intricate design blueprints into a dynamic, pixel-perfect website. Leveraging the robust capabilities of React and NextJS, the team embarked on a meticulous development journey.

The website's design was characterized by its deliberate use of white space, creating a canvas that directs focus to the content and enhances user readability. Typography was chosen with precision, reflecting Supplyframe's brand personality while ensuring legibility across devices and platforms. The color palette was carefully selected to align with Supplyframe's brand guidelines, injecting vibrancy yet maintaining a professional tone.


Our commitment to detail extended to the crafting of custom components. Each component was designed to narrate a part of Supplyframe's business model, transforming complex information into digestible, engaging content. Interaction animations were woven into the fabric of the website, enriching the user experience with subtle movements that guide and delight. These animations breathed life into elements on the page, making the user's journey not just informative but memorable.

Performance was paramount. The website was engineered to be blazingly fast, optimizing load times without compromising on the rich, interactive experience. This was achieved through a combination of advanced front-end technologies, strategic code splitting, and leveraging modern web standards to ensure that Supplyframe's digital doorway was not just visually stunning but also technically superior.


The culmination of this extensive redesign project was a state-of-the-art website that set a new benchmark for Supplyframe's online presence. It was a harmonious fusion of design and technology, embodying Supplyframe's forward-thinking ethos and industry leadership. This digital masterpiece serves as a beacon of innovation, inviting users into Supplyframe's world with an experience that is as enlightening as it is engaging.

Through this transformative journey, Fabrikod and Supplyframe have not just redesigned a website; they have reimagined how Supplyframe communicates with the world. This project stands as a testament to the power of partnership, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence in the digital age.

Custom Chatbot Deployment

Supplyframe's vision extended beyond a website revamp. They sought a custom chatbot that could decipher their unique knowledge base. Initially, our team harvested important data from their website, and utilizing the ChatGPT API along with the Langchain library, we were able to mould a custom knowledge base chatbot.

As the project progressed, Supplyframe furnished us with a significant CSV file containing crucial data. Thanks to our proficiency in Python libraries and the Langchain library, we seamlessly incorporated this data, enhancing our chatbot's capabilities. This advanced chatbot was not only capable of addressing specific queries but also adept at generating a variety of charts. It offered users a dynamic visualization tool, escalating user engagement and providing profound insights to benefit Supplyframe's clientele.

Virtual Reality Booth

Our partnership with Supplyframe also included an extension into the realm of virtual reality. We masterfully crafted a 3D version of Supplyframe’s booth at the Electronica trade fair using the Unity game engine and This immersive experience transcended geographical boundaries, providing users an opportunity to virtually visit and explore Supplyframe's booth.

Our strategic alliance with Supplyframe underscores Fabrikod's prowess in delivering sophisticated digital solutions tailored to our client's needs. The fruits of this partnership have been manifold - an engaging, modernised homepage, an intelligent custom chatbot dishing out valuable insights, and a captivating virtual trade fair booth. All these elements harmoniously worked together to significantly elevate the Supplyframe's digital presence.

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